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2011-11-01 by tamberg

New Google Reader Pinboard Import

I'm subscribed to 500+ blogs in Google Reader and had a nice setup to let Pinboard import every item I marked as shared (via the corresponding RSS feed), which was a huge benefit compared to the old semi-manual process I used to import blog posts into Delicious. This morning however, Google decided to update the Google Reader UI and replace the share functionality with a +1 button. Thanks a lot.

After some nervous googling I found this thread titled Adding Pinboard to "Send to" list in Google Reader. In the new UI the Reader settings are hidden behind the gear icon on the top right, and only shown if you're on the Google Reader site. This way of sharing is a bit less convenient but at least it still works. So, after adding an entry for Pinboard, the shortcut to send the selected item to Pinboard and save it there is:

[Shift]-[T] [Down Arrow] [Enter] [Enter]

Besides the increased number of keys the major downside is a short wait before the second Enter key. And the opened Pinboard bookmarking tab messes up Chrome's Reopen old tab functionality. But I fear we'll have to live with that.